Fast Food – It’s actually healthy

JpegThe world is full of lies and wrong expectations and ideas. I mean, let’s take that myth about Fast Food for example. A lot of people are actually thinking, that Fast Food is not healthy and that you will get ill and fat.

Let me tell you: You will get fat if you eat more calories than you burn – easy like that. It doesn’t matter what you eat, there is this simple rule, that you just have to eat what you can also burn.

How much fuel will you put into your car? Obviously you will fuel it until it is full. Will you put more fuel into the car even when it is full? No? So why the hell are you eating more stuff than your body acutally needs. Every calory you’ll eat will be saved – in the form of FAT.

So either eat less calories or do more sport. This is something really simple – but no, people are blaming the food for it. Saying it’s the fault of the food, because the food is actually yammy.

Let’s investigate such a Burger from a popular Fast Food Chain. What’s in there. There is a slice of fresh meat, Salad, Tomatoes and other Vegetables, a bit of Ketchup an Mayonaisse. That’s nice. You get all you need in this little piece of Burger.

The meat in the burger is actually gathered from farmers delivering directly to a butchering factory where it is processed and deep frozen immediatly. If you buy meat in your local store it is multiple hours old. If you get a meat in your burger, it was literally exposed to “air” a very short period of time. The same is true for the vegetables in the burger. You will never get them fresher – expecting you have understood what deep freezing is and how it prevents the freshness of goods.

The meat is than grilled. That’s it. Fast and proper. No need for extra oiling or frying them to death.

People really should open their eyes and their minds. Fast Food is not bad per definition. It is just done fast, like a snack. Food is not necessarily better just because you need more time to serve it. Actually you will get less quality by getting the food yourself breaking the cooling line by carrying it home and using non-ideal tools to cook it.

And if you cook it yourself, there is no quality control. You use your hands, with witch you pickeled in your nose before or you shaked someones hand who may or may not gave them a wash after using the toilet. So, are you sure, what is actually in your food?

When going to a fast food and seeing all the quality control instruments .. I really would be more worried about food I get somewhere else – not meant to be offending, but it’s just the truth.

To be completelly honest, Fast Food is not longer what it was some years ago – when it was also a cheaper alternative to just get some yammy food. Nowadays it is pretty expensive and for just some bucks more I can get a full dish with a nice steak on it 🙂

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