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Annoying Traffic and Solution

Honda CBR 125If you do want to go from A to B without having the hassle to conquer slow drivers, idiotic drivers or getting lots of headache finding a place to park your vehicle – I can tell you: Get a Bike! Don’t ask about it – just get one.

There are multiple reasons. First it is just fun to drive. Second you will never have any issues with finding a place to park it. Just stop where you want to go, turn it off and you’re done.

Third: If you are approaching a speed bump, stand up and drive over it without any loss in speed. Easy like that – Speed Bumps are completely useless and only placed by bloody idiots featuring a pair of socks instead of a brain.

Fourth: You can almost every time drive by if you face an idiotic driver in front of you – or a slow one. I mean the really slow ones. Those who have to be 100% concentrated to hold a steering wheel. Those people are dangerous so you should avoid them. If you see them, just get by as quickly as possible – just to be save from them.

Fifth: It will only drink 2.5 litre per kilometre. Because I am european (and therefore we [most of us] are using the RIGHT units) I will not bother to calculate this in miles-per-gallon. Either do we need miles, nor gallons. You should really catch up with the modern times in switch to the metric system 🙂

Sixth: Lower Tax, Lower Insurance and for power/weight ratio you get the same as with a 130 hp car – how cool is that. But the best part is surely to not throw money in the endless throat of the government – this is pretty engrossing.