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Stupefaction of the World and the Elimination of Evolution

What is ths post about – blaming the dump? No it’s not. It’s just there to show and discuss a problem of our modern world. Mankind dumbifactes. Actually this is not a new problem but in nature it was self regulating until some 100 years. You now, in nature, everything is about competetion somehow. This was just formed by the process of evolution so only the best fitting genes were able to survive. If there was a mutation, it was either a benefit or it was a drawback. If it was a drawback it would lead to a early death so the gene-sequence was not passed on. While in its essence this is pure nature – and also was the reason why humans raised – it is not longer true for humans. We just don’t care about good or bad assessments – everyone is euqal. Which is a nice thing, when taliking about humanity, but is also completely eliminating the process of evolution. Actually it is anti-evolutionary because we will not improve, but degrade in our genetic capabilities. But we are human and we just cannot work in any other way, it would be absolutely cruel to not heal any disadvantages, so there is actuall no way around this as long as we feature humanity and empathy 🙂

Whatever, while this is something we cannot really change, there is something we should change. The Nanny Syndrom – “safing the dumbest” syndrom. This is just not necessary. Let me explain this in a hopefully more political correct style:

Why do we actually have to warn people, that the content of e freshly ordered cup of coffee is hot

I mean, really? Has it come that far already? When I was younger, and I had my thoughts somewhere else and for whatever reason have completely forgotten about just ordered a coffee and also have forgotten completely my whole knoweledge of physics and were accidentally unaware that my first nip will burn my lips .. well. I would have learned from that and wouldn’t do it another time, because I know it burned my lips and this hurts and I was dump. I woud accept that and also silently would have improved my brain – woohoo! Learning by doing! I actually never would read the text on the cup – and I don’t know anyone who would actually do that .. so I really don’t get the point.

Maybe it is because when some dump people burn their mouth by hot coffee and get angry and want to blaim the barkeeper for giving them that damn hot coffee (instead of admitting that they are just too dump) – the barkeeper may just be happy to point to the warning and telling, that you were warned.

But the world is actually also full of Nanny-Laws.

  • Don’t run again this wall
  • Do not look in the fron barrel of a machine gun
  • Don’t jump off the cliff

And all those dumb warnings we all now and we see everywhere nowdays. What if, we would just remove all those signs and let the evolution decide? Like it was 50 years ago? Back the days if you were an idiot and you jumped off a cliff you died. Problem solved. If you bang your head against a wall and get injured, well – lesson learned (hopefully), many people just need that lessons to actually get better humans. I have learned a LOT of things by actually trying and failing. Warnings signs wouldn’t be of any help – we just DO want to learn. Also if we see someone banging his head against a wall – and we know that his is just a bad idea – we call him an idiot (and actually he is one) – but would’ve a sign stopped him bannging is head against the wall? Maybe he just don’t trust the sign or he have no idea of density and hardness of reinforced concrete. I mean it could be.

Also we try so hard to make our world “usable” by even the dumbest person. Like letting them drive a car. You know, those peoples who are just dangerous when in front of you. Those who have the great idea of driving the highway in the wrong direction, crossing intersections without looking or have absolutely no idea what the hell this indicator lights are supposed to do. If you have a driving license yourself, I’ll bet you have seen such dangerious idiots. If not, you may start to think about if you are one ..

I’ve seen people entering an intersection without any awareness of other traffic, forcing me to break hard and then they relaize too late and start winking me (like: “Hello, sorry, I am a complete idiot”. I alos have to say, if you look at some “road/intersection design adventures” you really can’t stop to facepalm yourself while asking which idiot had that idea. There are some examples, where I just cannot believe that the guy who thought out that must have been sleeping or on drugs. When it’s built, there will be accidents, just because the design is so bad. Their reaction? Plotting some dozen Speed Bumps or lowering the Speed Limit to 5 km/h. That will actually not help anything in particular, but they think they had done everything they could.

But are people recognizing what I say at all? I remember there was this one video, where a family father joined a road without looking, right before another car passed by that intersection. The video goes to slow-mo/freezes in time and than you see that father recognizing that he will die now. The other car was actually driving travelling speed on an open road with sight of over 1km .. so I would not blame him for being too fast, he just did nothing wrong, he just did not expect that an idiot will join the road right in front of him breaking every road rule we know.

But guess what! People commented, that someone should not drive that fast (because their could be idiot.. oh, wait, “mistakes” happen). They even don’t blame the father for being incapable of using a road properly. He risks his life and the life of his child, maybe the lives of others as well. But people blamed to faster driver (without child) – it is that easy to manipulate the crowd – people are just not able to think by theirselfs any more I fear.

I also have to admit that years ago you would just not been confronted with that – you would just not know, because there was hardly any internet and all you know was from news or from friends. Normally you have friends which are quite similar in thinkings. Nowadays with Facebook and all that you are much more likely seeing how easy people get manipulated and how less they actually invest into building their mind.

As an end note, please consider, that this post may be very one-sided 🙂

My shipment got X-Rayed!

I actually thought this x-ray-thing is only done on airports where they look for hidden weapons or explosives .. some of you may know, that it is still possible to smuggle weapons on an airplane – maybe it’s easier than before, because security people nowadays are heavily distracted by bottles with liquid inside or absolutely dangerous ballpoint pens.

Nowadays wie are not longer victims in the first place – we are offender. Without any question, we are treated as offenders as first and only when this assumption was wrong we are allowed to be the victim and being part of the normal world. I am not so sure if all this security stuff is actually helping in feeling more secured. Do you feel more scure on airports nowadays? I mean you get a fine for smoking on the wrong places, you will get a fine, when letting your luggage alone for as short as 10 seconds.

Just an idea, why not put a bag of clothes somewhere on an airport. An when everyone gets panic and full security is surrounding that poor bag, in the meanwhile some guy with a weapon gets tru the staff exit .. just thinking.

But we are punishing everyone for the exchange of a little bit of imaginary safety. This is a trend in generel for the 21st century. I mean, hey, did you watch those older 80s/90s Sci-Fi movies? Or do you know demolition man? Were salt is forbidden because it’s unhealthy? Or you have to authorize yourself when pooping?

I mean, back the days, they may found that funny and they would have not expected most of that things – but how far away are we from that? We are aiming in a world, where you just cannot make everything right. Everything is regulated in a way that you need to study law for at least 2 months to do (used-to-be-)simple thing like making your tax?

I don’t know how this is done in the rest of the world, but here in europe, I found it a mess. There is always some sort of trap, something you haven’t known off or something they’ve changed just in time to make your last declaration invalid. Oh wait, you did not have that new document available? Oh, you don’t have a copy of the copy to proof the authenticity of the other copy? Fail. Go hme, try again tomorrow, pay the fee another time. Something like that – you know, those things which just drive you crazy and eventuelly will want you to throw molotov cocktails.

But we all know, only people who play shooters, will actually want to throw molotov cocktails – we just know that. It’s not the circumstances, it’s just, when you play shooters, you will go to get a murder. Maybe some point in the future, shooter games may be banned at all, being illegal and they will put you to jail, just because you’ve played a shooter game and that means you will go to murder someone.

Greetings from Minority Report. Isn’t it funny, that all those movies noone would believe to be true, are actually not that far away from reality? They all have some distinct sort of message – an intelligent message – maybe that’s the reason I like Sci-Fi. I wonder how many people are actually realizing those messages.

Ok – but the shipment. Got x-rayed. Well, it’s not that exciting, maybe they also just searched it for illegal stuff inside, I have no idea. But in over 5 years, only ONE shipment was getting x-rayed, so getting illegal stuff by mail seems to be minimal risk – which is funny 🙂 I didn’t get illegal stuff. I got a Go Pro.

OH WAIT! In Spain it is now illegal to use a cam while driving! Especially Helmet Cams. Not sure if that is about privacy or has other reasons .. but back the days, when I got my Go Pro it wasn’t illegal and I did some cool videos with it riding my bike or driving my car.

If I would do the same now .. it would be illegal .. for whatever reason, they could investigate me by viewing my youtube videos and they could fine me. I guess.

Isn’t it a nice world? There is so much we are not allowed to do any more, that someone has to ask if we should call our world still “free”…

How we live in a 100% tax world

A hard to believe thing in modern times is – and many will not believe it – that every single cent in this world is getting taxed/collected by the government sooner or later.

I always found it pretty funny when people (or “conspiration terrorists”) talk about all that funny stuff like money magically appearing – but they never saw that really easy thing, that gov is getting all your money when circulating in a very short term.

An example: You earn 20 bucks for whatever reason. Now you will pay you tax on this earnings, Let’s say this is 20%, so you paying 4 bucks in tax and you stick with 16 bucks in your pocket – woohoo! No you go ahead and buy some bread and butter stuff for the 16 bucks.

You are now paying local tax (or VAT in europe, lets say 20%), so another ~3 bucks are taxed.

You got that stuff from a small vendor. This vendor now has earned 13 bucks (which is left after deducting VAT). The vendor need to pay his own tax. 3 bucks away.

The vendor now has 10 bucks in his pockets (as you can see, from the 20 bucks you initially earned, there is already only 50% left of that money)

The vendor will than have to pay his electricity bill, which is 10 bucks. There is another VAT involved (2 bucks) and the energy company has to tax the resulting 8 bucks AGAIN.

As you can see, that the same amount of money is taxed over and over again and it is mathematically proofable that 100% of this circulating money will end up at the government.

Ok. Now let’s assume, that someone works illegaly and is not paying his tax. So this person will end up with 20 bucks right in his pocket. But the same guy will than buy bread and butter stuff .. so even that way, it is still 100% of the money ending up being taxed. So actually it just doesn’t matter if you pay your tax or not – it will get taxed any way.

Oh, another example. You just buy a house. To do so, you have to pay tax when purchasing. If you decide to resell the house, the new owner will have to pay the tax again! How funny is that – this is a huge inflation machine 🙂

So I always find it really funny, when people starting to believe in another conspiracy theory about where money comes from and that everything is dept. It acutally is – but in the end all you earn is going to get tax. Even when when the money is fully converted to tax, the same money is still taxed over and over again as long as it circulates – this is a bit paradox, but if you think about it, it’s exactly what’s happening every day.

So governments actually get an unlimited amount of money (because they also throw out the money into circulation again) and still they get bust all the time – funny, isn’t it? 🙂

How concerned people really are about our environment

When it comes to “saving our environment” or the all-present climate subject many people raise their hands and scream that all others should be more aware about the environment.

Problem 1: “all others”

How ironic is it, that people demand, that others should care more for the environment – obviously it’s always the fault of the others and it is somehow really ironic that those who start screaming are very often part of the problem.

Problem 2: not recognizing to be part of the problem

Many people actually don’t know, that they are part of the problem – they can hardly imagine any reason why they should because they think they do so much. Actually they don’t. They also buy food depending on its price in the supermarket. Do they care that this food is transported there thousands of miles using ordinary petrol or diesel?

Just go out and watch those people, who are yelling around for more climate control laws so others are forced to be more concerned about environment. The next day, the same people yell around that food, electricity and water becomes even more expensive – and they just cannot imagine any reason why this is. Just standing their, yelling or looking like a bus in maintainance mode.

People. Start thinking. Start at your own person. Do you use light? Do you use electronical gimmicks to make your life easier? Do you really NEED those gimmicks? Are you fat? Are you eating more, than your body actually needs? Do you take your car, or are you bothering to go on the bike for your next 10 km run? Are you using a small motorbike or do you find cars more comfortable? Are you getting your food from the local market or do you buy cheap bananas in the super market, which travled around half of the globe to end up being a cheap exotic food? Do you like your big screen TV or are you reading books, which are made out of dozens of trees? Do you read newspaper? Would you consider newspaper more important than environment?

This post is not meant to criticise people for their “luxury demands” – absolutely not. It is more targeted on those who think are very “green” or “eco” while in the end they just are not and even don’t know that they are not very green. Because they have their own idea of “necessary luxury goods” – but let me tell you. You are part of the problem. Every small piece in reconsidering about your daily live can make a bigger difference than any law could do.

It is up on YOU – and YOU alone. Stop pointing on others. Show them how it could be done better, maybe the also like it much more how you do it. Be the first to start doing something different. Feel better if this helps the environment without sacrifizing others needs – try it – make this planet a better world. Not only in terms of clean air but also in terms of personal freedom and satisfaction.

If you listen to “modern” eco-people they would love to just forbid you everything, driving you back in time, where we all lived in caves and were eating squirrels. What they don’t know is, that there would not be enough trees to make enough fires to cook our meet. There would be a tremendos amount of Ash and CO2 just by having all those fires burning all the time. Technology is the reason why we can use much more efficient tools to do our daily stuff. They are not bad – it is more the amount of people using it. But you cannot change that unless you want to wipe out a significant amount of humans.

Start to catch on the real problem – just try to understand it. World is not that easy to just point at something and stating that this is a bad thing – modern problems are heavily complex just because of the sheer amount of involved parameters.

If more people on this world would acutally start to use their brains properly, question facts before sharing them on facebook with a comment “truth” – this world would be a better place for us all – but unfortunately, this world is not that place unless someone starts to make it better.

By the way? Are you an eco? Are you watching this post in a power saving device or on a tablet with an high efficiency battery and loading device? So you paid 2000$ for that equipment? If not, you are wasting energy. Accept it 🙂

An yes, I am using a very expensive high efficiency power unit – just to save my energy bill and to not pay more taxes for it as necessary :-p

Urbanization of Nature – Good or Bad?

JpegPersonally I am not the “greenest” person. Sure, our planet and the environment is important, but it is even more important to do the right things – to do things which actually do work in conjunction with human demand. The picture you see is some coast on gran canaria / canary islands. There are vrious opinions about this “urbanisation”. Some say there was too much built.

I don’t share that opinion – people need their homes, people need their recreation areas. Not everyone is happy with having blank rock everywhere and also there are actually more areas with blank stone on the island than there are buildings like this.

For me that scenery is somehow pretty. They don’t changed the nature in a way, where they could have built regular houses, they have just built them as the rocks where grown. I like this – this is also some sort of symbiosies I think.

In my opinion we have too many fanatics about climate and such things – don’t get me wrong, I am with you, if you tell me that we should not destroy our environment. But we also have to consider the price of it and – more important – we always should consider the demand. Most of those fanatics use lots of products which actually are produced by harming the environement – this are things everyone should consider before crying for more climate control on one day and crying about products getting more expensive on the other day.

Fast Food – It’s actually healthy

JpegThe world is full of lies and wrong expectations and ideas. I mean, let’s take that myth about Fast Food for example. A lot of people are actually thinking, that Fast Food is not healthy and that you will get ill and fat.

Let me tell you: You will get fat if you eat more calories than you burn – easy like that. It doesn’t matter what you eat, there is this simple rule, that you just have to eat what you can also burn.

How much fuel will you put into your car? Obviously you will fuel it until it is full. Will you put more fuel into the car even when it is full? No? So why the hell are you eating more stuff than your body acutally needs. Every calory you’ll eat will be saved – in the form of FAT.

So either eat less calories or do more sport. This is something really simple – but no, people are blaming the food for it. Saying it’s the fault of the food, because the food is actually yammy.

Let’s investigate such a Burger from a popular Fast Food Chain. What’s in there. There is a slice of fresh meat, Salad, Tomatoes and other Vegetables, a bit of Ketchup an Mayonaisse. That’s nice. You get all you need in this little piece of Burger.

The meat in the burger is actually gathered from farmers delivering directly to a butchering factory where it is processed and deep frozen immediatly. If you buy meat in your local store it is multiple hours old. If you get a meat in your burger, it was literally exposed to “air” a very short period of time. The same is true for the vegetables in the burger. You will never get them fresher – expecting you have understood what deep freezing is and how it prevents the freshness of goods.

The meat is than grilled. That’s it. Fast and proper. No need for extra oiling or frying them to death.

People really should open their eyes and their minds. Fast Food is not bad per definition. It is just done fast, like a snack. Food is not necessarily better just because you need more time to serve it. Actually you will get less quality by getting the food yourself breaking the cooling line by carrying it home and using non-ideal tools to cook it.

And if you cook it yourself, there is no quality control. You use your hands, with witch you pickeled in your nose before or you shaked someones hand who may or may not gave them a wash after using the toilet. So, are you sure, what is actually in your food?

When going to a fast food and seeing all the quality control instruments .. I really would be more worried about food I get somewhere else – not meant to be offending, but it’s just the truth.

To be completelly honest, Fast Food is not longer what it was some years ago – when it was also a cheaper alternative to just get some yammy food. Nowadays it is pretty expensive and for just some bucks more I can get a full dish with a nice steak on it 🙂

Annoying Traffic and Solution

Honda CBR 125If you do want to go from A to B without having the hassle to conquer slow drivers, idiotic drivers or getting lots of headache finding a place to park your vehicle – I can tell you: Get a Bike! Don’t ask about it – just get one.

There are multiple reasons. First it is just fun to drive. Second you will never have any issues with finding a place to park it. Just stop where you want to go, turn it off and you’re done.

Third: If you are approaching a speed bump, stand up and drive over it without any loss in speed. Easy like that – Speed Bumps are completely useless and only placed by bloody idiots featuring a pair of socks instead of a brain.

Fourth: You can almost every time drive by if you face an idiotic driver in front of you – or a slow one. I mean the really slow ones. Those who have to be 100% concentrated to hold a steering wheel. Those people are dangerous so you should avoid them. If you see them, just get by as quickly as possible – just to be save from them.

Fifth: It will only drink 2.5 litre per kilometre. Because I am european (and therefore we [most of us] are using the RIGHT units) I will not bother to calculate this in miles-per-gallon. Either do we need miles, nor gallons. You should really catch up with the modern times in switch to the metric system 🙂

Sixth: Lower Tax, Lower Insurance and for power/weight ratio you get the same as with a 130 hp car – how cool is that. But the best part is surely to not throw money in the endless throat of the government – this is pretty engrossing.

Why english?

Someone may already have noticed that english is not my main language. But actually I do a lot of stuff around the globe and I am mainly using the english language for that stuff.

That’s the reason this site is (and will stay) in english, even if I do a lot of mistakes using this language – in the end it is also some sort of learning-by-doing for me to improve my skills – and I have to improve them 🙂

I am fine with critics, when I do write something pretty bad – I actually was called drunk the other day, because I mispelled something really badly. Sometime my english is acutally really monster-bad so hopefully it is still readable and people are able to understand what I want to say 😉

First post

This is the obligatory first post of this blog – there always has to be a first post, you just cannot start without having a first post.

Souns obvious, but it’s a fact – a true fact. Not a fact someone THINKS is a fact, it’s just a real, plain fact. Maybe people should be more aware of what being an actual fact and what is just disbelieve based on lacking knowledge.

Anyone disagree with me? Let me know! 🙂