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How concerned people really are about our environment

When it comes to “saving our environment” or the all-present climate subject many people raise their hands and scream that all others should be more aware about the environment.

Problem 1: “all others”

How ironic is it, that people demand, that others should care more for the environment – obviously it’s always the fault of the others and it is somehow really ironic that those who start screaming are very often part of the problem.

Problem 2: not recognizing to be part of the problem

Many people actually don’t know, that they are part of the problem – they can hardly imagine any reason why they should because they think they do so much. Actually they don’t. They also buy food depending on its price in the supermarket. Do they care that this food is transported there thousands of miles using ordinary petrol or diesel?

Just go out and watch those people, who are yelling around for more climate control laws so others are forced to be more concerned about environment. The next day, the same people yell around that food, electricity and water becomes even more expensive – and they just cannot imagine any reason why this is. Just standing their, yelling or looking like a bus in maintainance mode.

People. Start thinking. Start at your own person. Do you use light? Do you use electronical gimmicks to make your life easier? Do you really NEED those gimmicks? Are you fat? Are you eating more, than your body actually needs? Do you take your car, or are you bothering to go on the bike for your next 10 km run? Are you using a small motorbike or do you find cars more comfortable? Are you getting your food from the local market or do you buy cheap bananas in the super market, which travled around half of the globe to end up being a cheap exotic food? Do you like your big screen TV or are you reading books, which are made out of dozens of trees? Do you read newspaper? Would you consider newspaper more important than environment?

This post is not meant to criticise people for their “luxury demands” – absolutely not. It is more targeted on those who think are very “green” or “eco” while in the end they just are not and even don’t know that they are not very green. Because they have their own idea of “necessary luxury goods” – but let me tell you. You are part of the problem. Every small piece in reconsidering about your daily live can make a bigger difference than any law could do.

It is up on YOU – and YOU alone. Stop pointing on others. Show them how it could be done better, maybe the also like it much more how you do it. Be the first to start doing something different. Feel better if this helps the environment without sacrifizing others needs – try it – make this planet a better world. Not only in terms of clean air but also in terms of personal freedom and satisfaction.

If you listen to “modern” eco-people they would love to just forbid you everything, driving you back in time, where we all lived in caves and were eating squirrels. What they don’t know is, that there would not be enough trees to make enough fires to cook our meet. There would be a tremendos amount of Ash and CO2 just by having all those fires burning all the time. Technology is the reason why we can use much more efficient tools to do our daily stuff. They are not bad – it is more the amount of people using it. But you cannot change that unless you want to wipe out a significant amount of humans.

Start to catch on the real problem – just try to understand it. World is not that easy to just point at something and stating that this is a bad thing – modern problems are heavily complex just because of the sheer amount of involved parameters.

If more people on this world would acutally start to use their brains properly, question facts before sharing them on facebook with a comment “truth” – this world would be a better place for us all – but unfortunately, this world is not that place unless someone starts to make it better.

By the way? Are you an eco? Are you watching this post in a power saving device or on a tablet with an high efficiency battery and loading device? So you paid 2000$ for that equipment? If not, you are wasting energy. Accept it 🙂

An yes, I am using a very expensive high efficiency power unit – just to save my energy bill and to not pay more taxes for it as necessary :-p