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My shipment got X-Rayed!

I actually thought this x-ray-thing is only done on airports where they look for hidden weapons or explosives .. some of you may know, that it is still possible to smuggle weapons on an airplane – maybe it’s easier than before, because security people nowadays are heavily distracted by bottles with liquid inside or absolutely dangerous ballpoint pens.

Nowadays wie are not longer victims in the first place – we are offender. Without any question, we are treated as offenders as first and only when this assumption was wrong we are allowed to be the victim and being part of the normal world. I am not so sure if all this security stuff is actually helping in feeling more secured. Do you feel more scure on airports nowadays? I mean you get a fine for smoking on the wrong places, you will get a fine, when letting your luggage alone for as short as 10 seconds.

Just an idea, why not put a bag of clothes somewhere on an airport. An when everyone gets panic and full security is surrounding that poor bag, in the meanwhile some guy with a weapon gets tru the staff exit .. just thinking.

But we are punishing everyone for the exchange of a little bit of imaginary safety. This is a trend in generel for the 21st century. I mean, hey, did you watch those older 80s/90s Sci-Fi movies? Or do you know demolition man? Were salt is forbidden because it’s unhealthy? Or you have to authorize yourself when pooping?

I mean, back the days, they may found that funny and they would have not expected most of that things – but how far away are we from that? We are aiming in a world, where you just cannot make everything right. Everything is regulated in a way that you need to study law for at least 2 months to do (used-to-be-)simple thing like making your tax?

I don’t know how this is done in the rest of the world, but here in europe, I found it a mess. There is always some sort of trap, something you haven’t known off or something they’ve changed just in time to make your last declaration invalid. Oh wait, you did not have that new document available? Oh, you don’t have a copy of the copy to proof the authenticity of the other copy? Fail. Go hme, try again tomorrow, pay the fee another time. Something like that – you know, those things which just drive you crazy and eventuelly will want you to throw molotov cocktails.

But we all know, only people who play shooters, will actually want to throw molotov cocktails – we just know that. It’s not the circumstances, it’s just, when you play shooters, you will go to get a murder. Maybe some point in the future, shooter games may be banned at all, being illegal and they will put you to jail, just because you’ve played a shooter game and that means you will go to murder someone.

Greetings from Minority Report. Isn’t it funny, that all those movies noone would believe to be true, are actually not that far away from reality? They all have some distinct sort of message – an intelligent message – maybe that’s the reason I like Sci-Fi. I wonder how many people are actually realizing those messages.

Ok – but the shipment. Got x-rayed. Well, it’s not that exciting, maybe they also just searched it for illegal stuff inside, I have no idea. But in over 5 years, only ONE shipment was getting x-rayed, so getting illegal stuff by mail seems to be minimal risk – which is funny 🙂 I didn’t get illegal stuff. I got a Go Pro.

OH WAIT! In Spain it is now illegal to use a cam while driving! Especially Helmet Cams. Not sure if that is about privacy or has other reasons .. but back the days, when I got my Go Pro it wasn’t illegal and I did some cool videos with it riding my bike or driving my car.

If I would do the same now .. it would be illegal .. for whatever reason, they could investigate me by viewing my youtube videos and they could fine me. I guess.

Isn’t it a nice world? There is so much we are not allowed to do any more, that someone has to ask if we should call our world still “free”…