Urbanization of Nature – Good or Bad?

JpegPersonally I am not the “greenest” person. Sure, our planet and the environment is important, but it is even more important to do the right things – to do things which actually do work in conjunction with human demand. The picture you see is some coast on gran canaria / canary islands. There are vrious opinions about this “urbanisation”. Some say there was too much built.

I don’t share that opinion – people need their homes, people need their recreation areas. Not everyone is happy with having blank rock everywhere and also there are actually more areas with blank stone on the island than there are buildings like this.

For me that scenery is somehow pretty. They don’t changed the nature in a way, where they could have built regular houses, they have just built them as the rocks where grown. I like this – this is also some sort of symbiosies I think.

In my opinion we have too many fanatics about climate and such things – don’t get me wrong, I am with you, if you tell me that we should not destroy our environment. But we also have to consider the price of it and – more important – we always should consider the demand. Most of those fanatics use lots of products which actually are produced by harming the environement – this are things everyone should consider before crying for more climate control on one day and crying about products getting more expensive on the other day.

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